Deacons of the Great Church

Deacons of the great church are ostensibly a prestige class. Not all deacons, however, need to take the prestige class. It is also important to note that deacons who do take the prestige class do not receive holy powers from the gods, but rather expert training at gauging the hearts of mortals.

Deacon badgeA person is named a deacon by a bishop or higher official of the Great Church. It can be a title only and left at that, with no special powers attached to it. It is quite possible to be a full-time politician and dedicate no time to one’s order – the deaconry welcomes members who are out in the world, influencing events. It is also possible to donate one’s time and money to the Church and receive the title of deacon in return (a donation of 10,000 gold or a great quest for the Church will usually result in receiving a deaconship; lifetime donations in excess of 100,000 or the recovery of a Church artifact or similarly important quest will often result in archdeacon status). However, an openly evil character, or a character with an evil reputation, will never be made a deacon.
For those who take the prestige class, granted the opportunity to become a deacon for whatever reason, the order makes available its ancient books and secret rooms, from which the character may learn the hidden arts of influence and intrigue.

Deacons are addressed as “deacon,” while archdeacons are addressed as “archdeacon.” The order is dedicated to securing the secular position of the Great Church and influencing political leaders and events. Deacons are often expert diplomats, performing missions abroad for their bishops. The greatest among the archdeacons have the ear of the Supreme Patriarch and work closely with him.

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Deacons of the Great Church

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