Dorak - A Perfect Murder


We’re in the middle of another murder mystery. Well, maybe closer to the end. Thankfully, one less frustrating than the last… but considering the resources at their disposal, the villains were not as devious.

For example, the creatures had the ability to suggest actions… and the house was full of servants, not to ignore the merchants attached outside or a variety of street urchins. If I were a conspirator, I’d have had the creature make the baker insist on talking to the bodyguard next to the Apollo statue, or maybe approach Tertia to ask her for advice ‘from a woman who helped the picture of proper’ instead, as she was the more important target.

The more layers that were between me and the investigators, the safer I’d feel, though the less effective each thrust would be. However, with resources like that, I could send a dozen thrusts from safety rather than one more direct thrust, and better separate my targets to keep my construct in play longer and perhaps to greater effect.

Also, how does it work that the creature’s pipes targeted all of us but they were immune? I must ask Ian about that… possibly some way to protect the party, as the hounds in the desert affected us similarly – perhaps Ignatius, since his spells help protect us from fear, but the control of my mind is a weakness of mine which I hope to overcome, and I know Kumori could also use bolstering in that area.

Ah, a thousand thoughts. Even in the Impossible Palace, I find more time than most to ponder. I don’t know what length my visit will be, but I will talk to everyone I can, learn everything I can, and read whatever I can find when I am not able to find anyone awake and feeling chatty.



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Dorak - A Perfect Murder

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