Dorak - A Singer in a Smoky Room

Dear Grandpa,

Well, it was close. Very close. Perhaps but for a few odds, here or there, Falko would be dead, perhaps me also.

The bastard sword being taken required Cian to replace it. Zomos knew a fella, but he wanted a lot more – 50% – than what a fair market price was.

It was determined it would only be an arm rather than an arm and a leg if we promised to give him a favor.

The favor was to send a message to a roughian – sort of a sellsword like Cian, but a bar owner also.

There was much debate over how it would go, but ultimately, while keeping a low profile was key, a dwarf going into a bar to order a drink is pretty low key.

Falko joined me, and we took up opposite spots on the ends of the bar.

The mead, as hoped, was not up front, so the barkeep went in back. Falko didn’t appear to care what was in the back room… must remind him that what is inside of rooms that are normally closed is the most valuable information in scoping out a place.

There was a stairway, and there was a lady. The lady came to Falko and flattered him and pleaded for his voice and skill. Despite the likelihood of being memorable not being to our advantage, he played.

He had an amazing performance. The Jenny’s Guild is the song, and there was a bit about a singer in a smoky room, smell of wine and cheap perfume. Sounds Juisse.

Of course, that also made him memorable, and our target took the winnings of Falko – under some house rule that likely did not exist before he saw the pile of gold – and that brought Falko and myself to the table with him.

He left to do his other job after a bit, with his henchmen in tow. Of course, following discreetly was my plan.

Qasim tried to protect Zomos, I believe, by distracting with an arrow shot. Naturally, this caused them to turn tail, and so we faced them in the bar with the door and the staircase and possible allies within shouting distance.

Actually, tried to pass off that being nervous about the sniper and rush them back in, hoping we could escape and plan… though it was not a glowing sign that Qasim was acting, it was a likelihood.

Then, an undead horror appeared, and the whole thing went pear shaped.

Subtlety is not our strength. It really is not. We managed it, though as said before, t’was close.

Falko healed me once, which meant after a few vicious swipes, standing was possible, but barely.

Cian took a swipe or two also. Falko healed him as well.

That brought Falko to the attention of our target, who had little trouble hitting Falko and hurting him severely.

Perseverance paid off, however, and we brought the target and his allies low. We did not kill him, which means we are more unwelcome in more places, and Falko is some sort of fugitive.

Pirate law… got to love it.

Hopefully, Falko will figure out a way not to draw attention to us on covert missions, there will be no further launches into combat without a plan while facing an enemy in their demesnes but it is to be doubted.

- Dorak

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Dorak - A Singer in a Smoky Room

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