Dorak - Combination Platter

Explorer’s League,

I am playing with very deadly magic, trying to keep it from the hands of those who would use it for evil. I have lost a gift already and may lose them all if fortune does not favor me. In the event that my team is forced to go on without me, I assume you’d send a replacement to protect our interests.

While I hope that day is never to happen, I would be remiss in my duties if I did not give an estimate of our team’s capabilities.

Our greatest asset is our diversity, as we could converse in Common for the most part, and I think I shall discuss with the party the language(s) we use in battle to coordinate our efforts while our foes are (hopefully) unaware.

Our coordination is one of our weaker spots – the melee combatants are getting progressively better in that effort, though. We just have to be certain to focus Smriti’s blows on a single target.

Dusky, Coatl, and Iz have too much of their abilities spent healing us, though I believe Coatl could use his evil eye as much to aid the efforts of the spell casters as the combatants.

If we can protect him and make sure he’s not harassed, he could focus on what we deem the most dangerous of our foes, and progressively make him easier to enspell, hit softer, his armor easier to get inside, and his mind mushier.

That’s beyond the howling agony or rain of volcanic ash he can unleash on our foes.

If Iz can focus and co-ordinate with him, her spells are more likely to land to deadly effect. She may even wish to employ her minions to protect him.

Dusky does not have any offensive spells prepared most days, and too few spells to worry about in general. However, since she generally wants to be on the edge of the fight, lest she heal our foes, she may be able to give Iz a combat advantage. If only Iz could return the favor by being armed in return – with the spell casting and the shield, I don’t know if that’s possible. Maybe if she gets a leather strap like I have for my hand crossbow from Varissia?

I’ll discuss it with her (and everything else with the rest of the team) if the cursed mask doesn’t bring more death and destruction upon us.

Wish us luck,


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Dorak - Combination Platter

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