Dorak - Death from Below

Dear Grandpa,

Well, things look up and things look down.

First, the down: There’s no love for us at court. This is in no small part due to Coatl, which is a down but a bittersweet decline in status.

Coatl saw some problems in the group, and was finally able to voice them. He had some good points about lack of communication between the group. There’s some hope that he’ll be better able to master his arcane might without the limitations of a society and setting where he isn’t at home or even familiar.

The King’s sent a new man, and he is more colorful in some ways. He floats, his bow floats, and he’s a proper student of the arcane, if somewhat of a neophyte like our new ally Ignatius. The main downside to his arrival is his name, Ian, makes it doubly confusing with Izzy and Iggy and Cian. I believe I’ll call him Skywarden if he agrees.

He is going to be given the scrolls and Coatl’s pearl of power. He also gets Coatl’s dagger, for waste not, want not.

There is also the matter of Coatl’s ring. I don’t know whether Kumori or Iggy needs it more. Kumori is certainly the more likely to throw himself in danger, but Iggy is more likely to be attacked by the more cunning of our foes. They both need it. I shall give it to Iggy presently but I will say that he and Kumori should discuss the matter once we’re aboard ship.

Indeed, I hope the trip is relatively peaceful and we get a chance to know one another. Other than Kumori and Smriti, I am traveling with relative strangers and Iz, whom I haven’t always found trustworthy. However, she was a real team player in this morning’s events.

Indeed, we had Iz and I facing death in the water, Smriti attacking with the spear, and Ian attacking from above. The creature that attacked us rendered Kumori mostly helpless to hurt it, and he tried, once he realized that attacking the tentacles was useless, to aid me in attacking it in the water. However, we were both outdone by Tinel’s weapon from Ignatius. A most impressive showing.

Unfortunately, the weapon drove off the creature before Iz could free herself, so she was dragged away and nearly lost her breath and life.

Chrysos, the odd Ionian woman, recalled she could sense spirits, but only after Smriti and Ian splashed about in the filthy waters for a bit, and Kumori was sucked into the lamp, leaving his dignity if not his pride intact.

By the time Iz was up on shore, an alarm had been set off, the Port Authority Night Guard was awake, and Smriti had broken her leg underwater.

In some ways, her misfortune allowed us to escape further problems, and there was enough healing to set the bone and mend the leg at the same time, thankfully.

We can’t yet board, so we are going to board and disappear for the most part to rest, given the lack thereof among the group. I suspect Kumori will be the only one well rested if he appears from the lamp. Hopefully he’s not reached middle age when we next see him.

Well, I can’t think of more to share at this time, but we’re soon to be on the water. I hope it is better than the last time we were so engaged.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Death from Below

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