Dorak - Debriefing

Dear Grandpa,

Wow, the letters are a nice surprise! I hope that you’ve not worried too much about me.

I feel under appreciated. The truth is, I am probably doing relatively well, all things considered, but the jerk wizard and his treatment has me feeling less charitable to the GEP and only somewhat charitable to the Explorer’s.

I did acquire a new ring. I will never go hungry again… and my enemies are less likely to sneak up on me.

I also had my armor enchanted… I am not sure what I will next do. Make it shadowy? Make it glammered? I am not so inclined to fashion that the latter seems necessary…

I am also unsure what next for us. Smriti is eager to visit her homeland and see the changes. Kumori is interested in learning more of his land and the current state of it… I am just interested in getting more skills and more wealth.

There’s some hope that I’ll learn more of the mystery of Mom and Dad… but I still haven’t read your thoughts on it.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Debriefing

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