Dorak - Goblins, Gnomes, Golems, and Graft

Hello Grandpa,

Well, I shan’t apologize again for not reading the letters. A lot busier have I been of late.

When the accommodations featured a mirror, I practiced feinting.

When the accommodations featured a desk, I sketched a design for a trap or two though I put them to the fire for information security sake.

When neither were available, I read Espagian and thought about disguise techniques.

I am really benefitting from the full immersion in Espagian.

There was a troop of gnomes we met who invited Kumori to partake in a drinking contest.

Kumori fell prey to the trickery of the flesh golem gnomes… he lost, and was required to retrieve casks of their brew from a band of goblins.

We followed the goblins, and retrieved the casks from their sleeping camp where the brew had already had profound impact on the lot.

One of the less sober woke and approached me… thinking me a nightmare, he poked my nose. I poked his spine.

We returned with the casks, but the gnomes – flesh golems or not – would be subject to the predations of the goblins, so I snuck back out and cleared the camp.

That was the most eventful part of the trip.

We met some of the enemies of the Aspis / World Trade Consortium when some niƱos were in trouble for stealing a bit of bread. Since I hadn’t been comfortable with Espagian, Iz had been our interpreter. She tried to foist the orphans off on a church… but was told there was no room. She sought a system for asylum for the children, but the church has nothing like that… at least, in these parts.

Ultimately, it was being approached by the representative of the Crimson Poulterer’s and buying them off with the goblin filth that freed the children.

Kumori acted as our representative to start on the mission to retrieve the Golden Arrow of Apollo, but there is a few days before the next meeting of trustees, as it were, so I have no major news on that score.

Hope you are well,


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Dorak - Goblins, Gnomes, Golems, and Graft

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