Dorak - Hell in a Handbasket

Captain Hector,

I return from a trip to the lamp. Or rather, through the lamp – for I spent most of it on the far side of time.

My trip was 16 years in length. I am now 78, older than most adventurers live, even a good amount of Bitori. I am not sure of your age, but having spent nearly a third of my years in the lamp or through the lamp, I feel very much like a man with no home other than the accursed lamp.

I find that I have three moods – angry, contemplative, and suspicious. That they are not mutually exclusive (I can be suspicious and contemplate my suspicions with a growing anger at the conclusions I am drawing) makes the times when one comes out – in particular, anger – all the more noticeable.

I’d suggest we consider recruiting Ian or Ignatius, but I forgot that they are not inculcated in the Explorer’s Guild from birth as I am, so the process is not so easy. Perhaps the Redhurst Academy would hire them instead to the GEP? Assuming we ever get Kaidan free, it is something to consider.

Of course, from what I understand, the team went to Hell in a handbasket with the fight and hunt for the Aegyptian gladiator – there was a fight, a portal opened, and Kumori charged through, followed by all but Ignatius. Wise in some ways, unfortunate in others – I don’t know. Ultimately, Kumori must live, for without him, there is no link to Kaidan, and the thread of the tale falls apart, but by the same token, he doesn’t necessarily make it easy to ensure his survival by being bold, heroic, and maybe a little foolish.

Worse, Ian was targeted by some creature that was using the gladiator as host, and took the gladiator’s belongings.

He did mention the bracers allow him not just better protection than his old ones but also allowed him to wear any armor or clothing. I do wonder if he has experience in the skill of disguise or could learn the skill. I must suggest it to him… it could be interesting with a good bluff and possibly useful for infiltration. Mayhaps I’ll acquire a similar enchantment on my shirt.

We are headed to Drusas and Kushar on our way to Mung-Li. It promises to be an interesting journey.

I hope to begin teaching my companion a feat I picked up in the travels. I am not sure that she’ll take up the feat, but it would greatly improve her strikes efficacy, though not the efficacy of her swings.

I’ll report in as we go.

Explorer Dorak

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Dorak - Hell in a Handbasket

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