Dorak - Jungle Love

Dear Grandpa,

This letter is to convey both my state of health, some sad news, and possibly a lead on Dad’s whereabouts.

An old adventuring buddy of his lay dead at the bottom of a pool. His body seemed the focus for a spirit of unusual nature that nearly took my life and severely hurt my companions.

Once Iz alerted us to the nature of the danger, it fell to me to venture first and attack the focus. That it was at great personal risk was unimportant, but a lack of co-ordination raised the risk more than were we working in tandem.

There was other danger, in the form of ancient beasts, a huge spider, and navigating the jungles, but Qasim was instrumental in two of the three challenges mentioned, and fairly important in putting down the spider.

The important bit is that Orcreaver’s corpse being here with his necklace holds some hope for more information and a better lead on the last place Dad was.

Falko and Cian were important as well, though Falko spent many of his healing spells on himself and a few on Cian, who succumbed to the drowning spirit fairly early.

Crustmaster took a strong dose of spider venom which left him unable to join us for the spirit or finding the dragon hoard, and were he not there, the party would have been severely weakened, possibly all dead.

Iz, in trying to find me, found a treasure trove that is older than old. A thousand years old?

Truly, this is a lucrative and filled with learning trip. Even getting accustomed to the heat and my armor seems to be easier now.

Hoping you are well,


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Dorak - Jungle Love

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