Dorak - Kidnapping and Kindred Spirits

Dear Grandpa,

The Juisse legal system, like much of Juisse culture, has a lot to be desired. Cian’s foes caught up with him (it feels as though he is responsible but how is the question) and had him kidnapped and taken from the rooms.

In tracking his disappearance, we found some of the least savory pieces of Royan. We made our way into a bar where the bartender tried to suggest that the authorities would be called. Heh. The place stunk worse than Mrnak’s house when we found him, dead those many weeks.

In subduing the muscle of the outhouse of a bar, one skull was weaker than expected. In advancing to free Cian, Qasim felt it prudent to slay the foes that we would not be caught unaware from behind.

We got Cian free, though nearly at the cost of a gift. It seems my trying to reason with his captor was wrong. My plans shall now be the brute squad only and negotiation shall not factor in.

We are now wanted because, as the humans would say, ‘the fix is in’ in Juisse, or Royan at least.

Thankfully, we portal’d off and are closer to finding the crazed explorer than we would have been. There was a near shanghai of the lot of us, but we fought off the lot with relative ease.

We have met a Vermani. He will be our guide in these lands.

There was also Bucky, who gave me father’s wayfinder. He has some news, that father may be captured, and that would explain some of what has happened, but it’s not something that can be examined with my current resources. Perhaps one day.

Hope you are well,


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Dorak - Kidnapping and Kindred Spirits

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