Dorak - Letter to Calen

Dear Brother Calen,

I know you worry about me (and your former companions) and likely say prayers over our fates.

Let me give you an update:

Iz is much the same. I feel she needs your prayers more than previously.

Falko has departed our company, and I would credit my new friends, the Aspis Consortium. I do hope that you understand how much I hope they are in your prayers as they are certainly on the list of people to be mentioned in mine, ahead of Iz.

Cian has been trapped in the lamp for an unknown time. That does make it easier, since the forces out to attack him can’t reach him there, but they must also be prayed for – somewhere between the Aspis and Iz.

I haven’t heard any bad news about Kypris, but I have not heard anything suggesting she’s achieved her ambitions. You may know more than I how she fares.

I assume Lydia is well. I hope that she has appreciated your instruction and friendship.

Qasim, an ally who joined us after your departure, was taken from us by forces unknown. I pray for his safety and that he, in his strange way, finds happiness, whatever that means for him.

Varisia, whom you may recall, joined the project but did not fare well on her first time out. She gave up a gift and our ways parted, but I hope she is well.

Zomos Vistis, a brief ally, earned a spot on my prayer list, somewhere between those who harangued Cian and the Aspis.

We have a new companion, Dusky, an Obedient Sister of Mormekar. She’s almost as good a companion as you were, so I hope you pray for her.

Kumori and Smriti, two foreign travelers who were cursed by the lamp, have joined us. Kumori is nearly as brave as Cian, though not nearly as amusing, and Smriti is a somewhat naive girl who I believe is growing to understand the truths I tell her. I hope you pray for them both.

I’d appreciate you also praying for Wise Brother Eustaquio Ebron IV of Ebron. He’s a master maker and I feel that Korak made him, in part, to help restore my faith. It’s not easy to have any faith in the gods, when their servants here are so corrupt or blind (present company excluded) to the problems of the world, but I truly felt the spirit was within him and his works.

Speaking of the gods and their servants, we met a priest of the Red Sister, Starig, and he was a boon companion to us. He gave up a gift to help ensure that the forces of evil were not successful. I hope you add his name to your prayers.

I also gave up a gift recently, and that is partly why I have written you. I have new friends on my list of people to mention in my prayers, and I would appreciate you, who is more devout and perhaps more likely to sway the will of the divine, to mention them in your prayers also: Sir Gapala, Mauricio Zambrano, Walercia Zambrano, and The Skunk. These friends are close to the Aspis on my list to be mentioned in my prayers.

I have acquired a relic that is needed for the goals of Kumori and possibly the saving of not just a nation but also countless souls. I am reluctant to report it to the Explorer’s, even though carrying it puts my nature at risk, as it is a relic of Kaidan, the mythical lost Kaidan, home to Kumori.

Thank you,


Response from Brother Calen

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Dorak - Letter to Calen

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