Dorak - One Traitor Dead

Dear Grandpa,

There was a traitor in Stahl. We’ve known that a long time. That it would be Jamal isn’t surprising, but the absence of evidence against him was impressive.

His shrew of a wife claims innocence, and Ah can not find proof against her. Still, she remains an unknown quantity in a situation fraught with danger. Laedersburg is leaderless, and when the buffer is overrun, Stahl will be under siege.

Ah say when, rather than if, for we were to root out the traitor but we could nae find proof of anyone. Rin remains a strong suspect, and Aislyn was even a suspect on some minds, though what Ah see as proof of Rin’s duplicity helped exonerate her.

He wasn’t alone to know we had set out. He wasn’t alone to know where we were headed. However, he could have caught up to us and been an aid in our efforts to protect Lady Aislyn. He better be dead at an orc’s hands or he’ll die at mine.

We set out for Laedersburg after an investigation into the fire that claimed Jamal and other errands. We weren’t a day out when we we ambushed. The forces against us were strong enough that had luck not favored us at any point, we’d have surely been doomed.

Two ogres joined the fray from the start, spaced only slightly apart. They were joined by three orcs and a cleric, not unlike our old foe.

Ah used a Blue Winnis poison dose to knock out one, but there were three orcs on me and Ah could not protect Lady Aislyn as well as Ah would have liked.

In the end, an ogre knocked Iz’Alma flat, another made Fossie take a bow, Cian was struggling bravely, and Aislyn and I were nearly executed.

Thankfully, nearly dead isn’t actually dead, and between a potion Ah had saved for an emergency and the cunning of Falko, we lived to see another day. The orc Ah had put to sleep, of course, did not.

We have regrouped and praised all things good and fair that we survived what was surely the work of a great evil.

Ah am sorry to worry you, but these be worrying times.

- Dorak

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Dorak - One Traitor Dead

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