Dorak - Reply to Hector

(In reply to Explorer’s Society Correspondence 1)

Captain Hector,

Thank you for the assistance with the information. I do appreciate your efforts. I feel good communication is key to success in most endeavors.

However, with no offense intended to the bearer of bad news, I am not overjoyed to learn of the options. As you say, time is a factor and, as is usual, an enemy.

Funds are necessary either way, with the unfortunate disadvantage of a delayed return on the investment. Even if I were to gain entry to study with the master, I predict it would be summer or even fall before I could claim the benefit of the tutelage.

However, my choice hinges on the following: do you believe that, if I were to learn from the master, that I could teach my companions?

In particular, Smriti could benefit from these same options, and though her learning would likely not take place until fall or winter, if I can bring this learning to her, and possibly the Explorer’s overall, I would beg of you a letter of introduction to Master Giardino di Foscari.

If Smriti could not benefit from my having learned the skill beforehand, or it is not suited to a natural weapon like her fists (and elbows and knees, etc.), I would beg you put my name on the list, and notify me that I may also ask my friend Stocky for help declaring me to be deserving and appreciative of finely crafted steel.


Field Explorer Dorak
Currently at Alhambra
Serving on a mission to break the wheel of Kaidan

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Dorak - Reply to Hector

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