Dorak - Response to Calen

In response to Calen’s response


Thank you for hoping that the gods give me what is needed to vanquish the obstacles before me. May they in turn reveal the mysteries that will free your soul from the worries of your own sorrows and allow you to better ease the suffering of others, that joy may be increased and despair lessened.

Frankly, I don’t know that Maal and his judgement comes quickly enough for some. I prefer Korak, for when a piece is made, if there’s a flaw, it can be tempered and reforged to remove the flaw, enhance the final product, and possibly serve some purpose.

I feel a bit remade myself, though I do still carry with me a certain trepidation that hinders my efficacy. I hope to find a priest in Alhambra who is better equipped to remove such worries, as I worry enough about the team.

Iz could definitely use some reforging. However, there have been improvements in her of late that make me consider forgiving her slightly. I am not as magnanimous as you.

I didn’t think you would feel so poorly of Cian. Though he was somehow more roguish than I, he was amusing and charming. Did he somehow profane the church or slight it? I don’t recall such behavior from him.

I was unclear about the particulars of Khypris plight, given the time and many exotic locales I’ve visited since she last spoke of it. Io, eh? Oh, that is interesting given my current trajectory.

I will pass along news of Lydia to Iz. While I don’t know it will do much good, she may be able to use her cards and spirits to aid you… that it is for you, and less for my own peace of mind, I will not mention.

If she has anything that may help, even as vague as it could be, I will pass it along in a future missive.

I hope that your shrine is sanctified and appreciated. You could send word to the Temple of Urian, as I suspect that they may wish to send someone to be on hand and to further bless the sanctification, to help repay you for your earlier assistance, and would feel slighted if not apprised of the shrine.

I miss you, and feel remiss for not having written you sooner. I know you forgive me, but I still feel less of a man for my thoughtlessness.


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Dorak - Response to Calen

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