Dorak - Rumble in the Jungle

Dear Grandpa,

It gives me great pleasure to report that the sea journey was uneventful.

Ha! Even on paper, bluffing isn’t my strong suit. In fact, during a storm, sea hags attacked us in the night. They stole away a few crew members, and then nearly got Cian. In fact, they did get his sword and shield.

The sea hags are too strong a trap for others to wander into to be left alone. Justice and vengeance and accounting all told us to face the peril and seek to end them.

We tried, and we went ashore to do so, but the sea hags weren’t keen to face us directly.

A woman appeared, ranting and raving about the sea hags keeping her prisoner, and she tossed a shield out for Cian to retrieve. This all spoke of a trap, but her lie was convincing, and so we didn’t kill the bitch outright.

Oh, it was a hag… and worse, a green one, which apparently can take on a pleasing form and turn invisible and cause flames to turn into choking smoke or blinding lights.

That such a creature should exist is foul. That such a creature would ally itself with two sisters of another kind and form an unholy trio is a mockery that we live in a good and just universe.

We killed the sisters, but we could never draw in the most deadly of the lot. She has Cian’s sword, and may still be a danger to others who pass by that island, or perhaps even another route, since she may choose to move, lest we warn others or send a crew to recover the sword and her hide.

Qasim was the most hurt of the lot of us, paralyzed by the bitch and her sisters, though thankfully a potion helped ease his pain enough to allow him some recovery.

We are now at Porto Mavros. It’s a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Our transport was seized and the timber aboard will be sold at a steal and we had to bribe our way ashore. Cian seeks a new sword, which is understandable. Makes one wonder what happened to the masterwork one that was given him by my generous nature… so long ago and yet so recently. Hmm…

Ah well. Hopefully, there’s a chance to actually face our foes, and not be annoyed by the bitch from afar.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Rumble in the Jungle

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