Dorak - Rumble in the Jungle 2

Dear Grandpa,

Well, we had Zomos, and we had the wagon, and we set off.

Zomos is not that hail and hearty, and he blames me for the whole affair. Bah! Stinking rat! He has little appreciation for what I envisioned would happen. Nay, what SHOULD have happened had he not cheese for brains, Smriti knew me better, and Iz was not the traitorous sort to turn on a comrade who had not the time to explain what ought to have been obvious.

Indeed, had we stopped the trio (after all pitched in) with the shop door closed, and the shopkeeper on our side, we would not have faced a trap that left us all nearly dead.

Additionally, we might not have been so well known as to invite the sort of trouble that we did encounter later.

One disadvantage to the time in the lamp is I am entirely certain that, barring some omnipotent deity squashing us unjustly for doing what was needed to survive, my plans for that shop would have ended well overall.

Indeed, the more I think back, the more likely the one I showed mercy to was not so well treated by his comrades.

Anyway, on to the current woes…

We were bedding for the night, and Iz had first watch, with our new friend, who rightly does not trust her, keeping an eye until she slept.

That meant when we were attacked, they were slightly better prepared than Smriti or I. The new sword arm was in the lamp, and the finger wigglers are never really prepared for battle anyway (I wish I could introduce him to some dwarven war mages… now those guys know how to handle themselves in a fight!), so it was a tough fight.

Thankfully, we all were well healed and well rested when the Aspis scum caught up to us.

It was something of an ambush, with me and Coatl in front. I heard a whistle and called out to my friends to watch for an attack from the rear.

The leader was carrying a lance and knowing that Coatl was neither as hearty nor as lithe as I am, I stepped forward to take to the offense and likely the first attack. I did not expect the first attack to nearly knock me to the ground.

Coatl and I fought as well as we could, and Zomos, curse his beady eyes, tried to blast me and the stragglers with his arcane trickery. I ducked out of the way, as you instilled in me, but when the lot were dead in front, I was hurting something fierce.

On the way to the rear, after using a few Ionian Fire I acquired long ago, I did manage to sneak up on a guy unaware of me in the din of battle. I should have been sneaker, perhaps, but the ground was thick and I expected the movement penalty would have hurt the party worse than if I did not.

I don’t know exactly what happened behind, but when I got back, there was barely anyone conscious, and the leader appeared to be hanging on by a thread. It was my Ionian fire that put him down.

Sadly, he did not fall off his horse, but he did drop his lance, and hopefully he fell in the saddle and was dragged to the death he so rightly deserved.

The group recovered and moved on, though just in time to get to the fort and relative safety.

We got the tour and we were asked if we should let the Aspis in… well, I dislike the whole lot of them, and I don’t know we made the right choice, but a few more arms against the monkey demons out there may be decisive.

If not, I hope that they taste my blade in their traitorous gullets for their last meal, since I expect they will betray us.

Isn’t this a bright and cheerful tale I seem to be involved in? Maybe I should leave the GEP for a while.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Rumble in the Jungle 2

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