Dorak - Sexual Healing

Hello Grandpa,

Well, here’s the rub… we’ve got a madman who needs to be cured to be interrogated so we can proceed with the mission.

Qasim can’t cure him. Not yet, nor for a long time.

The church was padding (~8%) the market cost of goods to keep us alive while we found him, so Falko, knowing my penny pinching ways, tried to find a better price (8% of 6800 is at least another scroll).

We now have a cold shoulder there.

There’s also the Trade Coalition that sent a useless fool to offer us protection.

He said he had a message for the lady… which, it could be the contacts from her brother’s recovery, perhaps. He wouldn’t say who he worked for… stupid gnome.

Protection offers where you don’t announce your organization with a ‘Perhaps you’ve heard of us?’ or ‘We run things around here, see?’ are little better than ’we’re going to be shaking you down for money but not offer you anything in return.’

Fear does not go far with me.

Perhaps it is the frustration… to have a man who needs a cure we can’t deliver be so crucial to the mission seems very short sighted planning on several parts. Then again, that’s not my skill set, so that part of the plan has been left to others.

Ah well.

- Dorak

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Dorak - Sexual Healing

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