Dorak - Sipping Mead

Dear Grandpa,

The place we find ourselves is the worst sort of town.

It’s not even a town. It’s the crap one leaves behind to move to a town.

Oh, it’s a port and it’s important and… the upshot is you can’t leave a boat at the docks for longer than two hours without it being seized.

Not ported, not fined, but seized.

There may be a reasonable explanation for it, but to me, it’s another trick of the Aspis.

Oh, yes, there’s a captain and she’s a redhead and avoiding talking to her seems the best way to avoid trouble.

Apparently, she’s a bit of a saucy one… which may help… well, let me tell you the story, though it isn’t certain that what story will be told will make any sense.

Having to keep someone with the boat to sell the mead to cover our real reason for being here, it was decided to keep me there and to bribe the dock workers with mead.

It was a good plan. Survey the situation, keep my mouth shut, raise a toast as needed to keep the guards happy, pay as needed, possibly even overhear a thing or two… play a dwarven aide who was more inclined to stay with the mead then wander around in the fetid, humid swamp this shithole is situated in.

It meant that when the group ran into trouble, though that is a tale which others will hopefully tell better, the party was light in strength of arm.

And, being already a little light due to Iz being in the lamp, the trouble was too much, and Cian lost another gift.

Qasim managed to carry him back to the docks, nobly and selflessly, in some odd and new bird form that he apparently has adopted in mourning his pet, and dropped his badly mangled form in front of me.

A Juisse scumbag for the Aspis made a rude comment and my temper flared.

That the son of a pox-ridden wench, sold by the man who was nominally his father, dared to be the sort of backwards scumbag who would surrender his bed to the louses from his merkin to Cian, a true friend in tough situations, riled me up quite good.

My rapier found his throat. It did not strike the sensitive veins inside, much as it tempted me, for without Cian and Qasim, it would have been Iz and me against the Aspis authority, may the shriveled little snakes under their merkins fall off.

Ugh. Talking about them and thinking about them has me riled. Suffice it to say, with some help from Zomos, we found someone who could bring Cian back, and Cian gave a quite generous gift to the temple that is poorly funded, and we are owed repayment of 900 gold a piece when we get back to civilization and are compensated for our services. Hopefully, Cian gets his time with the Captain so he can ease his burden unto her.

Perhaps the lady may appreciate a necklace since he appears to be feeling generous, and she has been kind to us. Suggesting that to Cian is something to be remembered during our errands – time permitting.

Hope you are well. Any news from Morak?

- Dorak

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Dorak - Sipping Mead

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