Dorak - Storytime

Smriti looked at the Kaidanese man, his face a mixture of resolve and fury, his javelin lying to her left, where she had deflected it, like so many of his arrows prior to it.

She knew when she saw him on the plain that he intended to harm her. That his shout, even in the strangely lyrical Kaidanese tongue, was a call to battle and a personal challenge to her honor.

She had originally ran from the man – not in fear, but in recognizing that without a horse, she could put herself at a distance and keep that distance, so his bow was practically useless, and the arrows he carried would be as pebbles tossed into the calmness of her Ki.

He had fired volley after volley, too fast for her to block them all, and a few had come close to scoring, with one even hitting her shoulder, staining her robes with her blood yet again.

However, she approached, and debated her options.

She could draw her spear, and ready it against his charge. It would be a single strike but it would do twice as much than a normal attack for her cunning.

He seemed unlikely to walk up, even less likely to move acrobatically to try to evade her reach. His armor, as fine as it was, was his best protection against her attacks, and she had moved close enough that he could actually charge her and close the distance.

However, she could also hold her action, and wait for him to charge, taking an attack against him with the spear as he stepped up to her.

After that, and possibly taking his hit, he’d be less focused on his defense, and she would have her entire flurry of blows to kick him.

He was not using a lance and was not mounted, so that seemed the better bet. She knew Kumori would be proud of her choice, to take the hit but to stand strong and wise in the arts of war.

When the Kaidanese man charged, his two swords glinting in the desert sun, he did manage to land a rather powerful slice to her already wounded shoulder.

However, she released her Ki and unleashed a barrage of kick, kick, elbow, and finally a headbutt, before she took a five foot step back.

The Kaidanese man could close and unleash a similar flurry of steel and deadly poetry upon her, but she wanted to see his next action, whatever it may be.

When he bowed and complimented her on learning more of the way of the warrior, even Smriti was surprised with the force of the hug she unleashed upon Kumori.

Dusky clapped excitedly before tending to the wounds of the two combatants, while Dorak, counting the loot, was as amazed by the depths of Ulises’ siesta as Smriti’s growth.

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Dorak - Storytime

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