Dorak - The Accused

Dear Grandpa,

Ah dun it agin. Ah overthought what was going on.

Perhaps it is best when Fossie sets the agenda. With Khy gone to other work, it is harder for progress when Ah overthink things, Fossie and Iz disagree, and Falko protects Iz.

Can’t they see? Iz has a spooky guidance that we need. Divine guidance, if properly used, could save lives, not the least of it ours. Fossie has smooth manners. Why, were he a rogue, he’d be a smooth criminal. Speaking of which, there was a sign in the window… of the jail. Oh, that’s all out of order.

We made it to town to check on Fossie’s brother. The inn was large and had very sound locks. I’d reckon you’d have a tough time bypassing them if you tried. He asked us to get a room while he went to visit his brother.

The jailer’s assistant wouldn’t let him in, but we didn’t know that, and assuming it would take some time, went down the road to get food.

He returned, there was a bit of a confusion, but we got back together, and slept, and in the morning, Iz asked what the brother said. Fossie explained he was told to come back in the morning, but didn’t clarify for her that it was nae his brother who told him.

Oh! There was a cape in the loot we found. Ah devised a way for Falko to help test it’s properties by trying to have me sleep. Sorry, I realized only later that Ah used overthinking things to my advantage.

Unfortunately, the jailer wouldn’t let us see the brother because he escaped. During the escape, the nephew of the lord was slain by what was believed to be the childhood friend who is now his squire.

Ah don’t know Ah can explain the turns of the investigation. Ah found it a thread that wound and turned and curved and did nae provide a way out of the maze.

The summary is thus: the Bannisters, rivals of Fossie’s family, were after his elder brother, inheritor of the estate, and there’s some plot against Lord Fossie. There’s also a lengthy history of disappearances in this town. There’s a crack in the wall where the people are shepherded out and remains of evil rituals. How the people are taken from their rooms at night is one mystery (Innkeeper? His reluctant-to-talk-to-us staff?) and why the evil rituals were used to free but not kill the younger Gareth Fosseway is another. (To prevent him from being raised at the sacristy, making a gift-borne accusation, and getting more support for his accusations? Better to keep him alive but unheard than dead and be accused… but what of the others? Do they live? What of the young girl?)

Ah fear time is running short. We need to get back to deal with the orc headquarters. However, innocent lives and no mission from our masters or the mission for our masters and an unresolved riddle which costs innocent lives? Damned either way.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Accused

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