Dorak - The Action

Dear Grandpa,

Well, the night didn’t fair poorly for the group, though there was some misfortune.

The planning session lead to Khy watching from the rear while Calen and Iz’Alma were watching from the front. Ah was to sneak in with Falco, in the guise of a youngster. He took a spot near the front door, so I took a spot near the back. Everything was quiet. Too quiet, as if something were about to happen.

Unfortunately, nothing happened. Ah say unfortunately because what I heard next was a moaning. Ah assumed, incorrectly, that it was from the sleeping chambers, which was locked, and when Ah went in, it was ransacked, and a drawer pried open, showing that there was something which they had sought and achieved. There was but one form where there should have been two.

Ah went to the back hallway, and heard the moaning was from the kitchen. Ah went in, and the deacon was in the stew, and I set him so that he’d not choke and die should it disagree with him.

Ah hated to think what the signs told me were true, but Ah resigned myself to having failed to protect the wee bairns. Ah went back, counted the sleeping forms, and found it to be true.

Ah went out the back, tried to alert Khy with a crossbow bolt, but the people Ah alerted were less friendly.

It was later revealed that the City Watch had been informed by the priest of the plan. There was some element of duress due to the priest’s niece. However, after the watch was convinced of our noble intentions, the priest was found dead in the temple.

Apparently, Khy had spotted the slavers making away and trailed them a while. She returned, and lead us towards the gate, where two wagons were trying to make way. The first turned out to be the one with the children, and there was some concern for the children being held hostage.

No children died by the blade, but one lost a gift due to the poison used on the children, and the donations were taken from the poor orphanage, not to be recovered.

All in all, it was not a farce, but whether there was a chance of us having stopped the plan earlier will never sit easy with meh.

The delay may be made up for by the gain of a wagon, and we may purchase oxen before we leave town, if nothing else.

Wish us luck.

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Dorak - The Action

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