Dorak - The Ash and the Inn

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with a heavy heart that I report the affairs that you may also have been made aware.

First, let me begin by saying that my group was targeted by assassins for having overheard the plans to assassinate a merchant. I know not if the merchant was successfully killed, but should the ambassador file a grievance, if they have not heard this from the clerics and arcanists who interviewed us, thoroughly, please make sure to relay that information with my sincerest apologies. I did not know the problems that we carried with us, and we were targeted for having overheard plans to do ill to a merchant and countryman of the ambassador.

Second, let me assure you that when it was made clear that a member of the ambassador’s household had lost a gift, there was no hesitation in reporting the person responsible for judgment. While Coatl was a well-liked companion, there are some errors that have no excuse.

I am not certain as to the rumors and whispers I heard, but the ambassador’s grief as a parent is a hard burden for my companions and I to carry.

Third, please be aware that we have an arcanist traveling with us, as part of our not facing charges for traveling with an uncivilized creature like Coatl.

I suspect he and Ignatius will get along, as will Kumori and the new fellow, for Kumori is a scholar in his own way. Smriti may not be a scholar in the traditional sense, but she seeks greater understanding, so there may be a meeting of kindred spirits on some level between them.

I don’t know how well Iz and he will see eye to eye, but I suspect a scholar with a certain moral flexibility could find her an interesting specimen, if nothing else.

I worry that Chrysos and Dusky may not mesh well with him. Chrysos may flirt with him, shamelessly, for her nature is not inclined to take any role besides the lead, and most scholars focus on either delaying the journey of Mormekar or hastening it.

Ah well. Hopefully, he’ll be more cerebral and less instinctive than Coatl, and will use some of the knowledge he has acquired to determine the weakness of our foes.

Also, he will bring with him access to spells, like Rope Trick, that I know my parents generally liked to use, and which I think we should consider using given how frequently we are ambushed in the night.

Fourth, Dusky has disappeared – Kumori swore he saw her in the lamp, but given the changing line-up of our party, I hold less faith in the ways of seers and oracles, which was not very much to start.

Fifth, we also added Lydia Trevor, formerly of Fosseway Keep, to the group, at least as far as Io. She has been many things, but I hope that she finds her joy and her destiny on the road with us.

I believe that’s all for the current report. We must disembark soon, so I know not when next I can provide report of our progress.


Explorer Dorak

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Dorak - The Ash and the Inn

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