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Dear Grandpa,

Well, the curse hit me… and it was a brief if frustrating respite.

When the curse kicked me free, the party had paid off the stupid consortium, and names have been added to the list, but that’s for another day.

We have the madmen and apparently it only took a miracle or a wish to cure him. So glad that we had requisitioned one before we left.

Trusting him will take longer. Zomos isn’t bad, all things considered, but a mad man who is leading us to that which affected him in the first place is not my idea of a boon companion.

We have to find a way to Chuul now. Trying to do so, we stumbled across an Inquisition ship, which lead us to seek other methods, which lead to a ship out to kill Cian.

That we would kill some of their men was not really in question. That we’d have to deal with the siege weapons from the ship when we are weakest on long range damage is unfortunate, but not entirely unpredictable.

Unfortunately, after fighting and scraping by and seeking cover, we could not overcome them. We fled, but not without a refugee in tow.

That lead the Inquisition to detain us. Thankfully, Iz had previously put us in good stead with the mayor, so we didn’t get further detained, but we have not made the best time to seek a ship.

Having sufficient gold set aside to acquire better tools of the trade, the delay had me seek goods and services. The priest was willing to enchant my heirloom, but at an inconvenience to others, and the promise of a future favor, so that was declined.

A ring to settle my stomach and mind was also not able to be acquired. However, a ring to deflect some blows was. Surely, that could have come in handy in my youth.

We now set out, despite the delay. Let’s hope the sea is smoother than the last time.

- Dorak

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