Dorak - The Greater Good

Dear Grandpa,

If only the letter were written with a clear mind.

Due to circumstances that would baffle someone looking from the outside, let alone one caught in the thick of it, there were a group of druids who attacked the team and tried to separate Qasim from us.

Having access to incredible magics, including summoning a tiger in the air over a flying Qasim who appeared unaware of an incoming spell from someone nearby, Qasim was separated from us quite effectively.

Of course, flying ten feet in the air and being pounced on by a tiger is a pretty effective way to get neutralized, especially when posing as merchant.

We fought valiantly to recover the prone Qasim, but he was taken, despite the monk and bard chasing after and working hard to recover him.

It is to be hoped that they have mercy in their hearts or plans for him, and the tiger not killing him suggests they do.

However, we now face a choice: follow Qasim and risk failing the society or save a single life at the likely cost of several innocent lives and allowing those Aspis scum greater power and possibly access to dark and powerful magic.

While Qasim was not as selflessly noble as Calen, he is also singularly equipped to come to us if
he can get free, and it is to be hoped that he can.

It must be my vote, then, that we focus on the mission, as much as Qasim is hoped for and his return prayed for, because otherwise, we all likely will lose out.

Pray for him, Grandpa, and that whatever turns life takes for him on the road ahead, he is happy, and join me in keeping a hope for good news of his adventures soon.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Greater Good

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