Dorak - The Greater Trap

Dear Grandpa,

So it was maybe 2 o’clock, we have to save the poor child from his disease, gain his father’s aid, slay a den of thieves and blackguards, and survive and sleep.

The party was worried about the merchants, but my concerns were my shattered spine and the lack of proper healing available for that and my other ills.

Heck, given the chance to pick up a trick, that opportunity was used to pick up a feat instead that the coming encounter may have been more survivable since vulnerable is an understatement for how my feelings were going.

Anyway, since my companions did not heed my warning of the lesser trap we wandered into… seriously, the shopkeep said ‘help me’ and there were three thuggish types standing around in an alchemist shop in the afternoon? What sort of bards have they been listening to that they needed me to point out that EVERYONE IS TRYING TO KILL US AND WE CAN’T ALLOW ANYONE TO GET AWAY OR MORE PEOPLE WILL COME TO KILL US! Were it not for the lives at the dig site, we should be chasing down Qasim and his band of assailants lest they… ah, ranting again…

Since we did not squash all foes in the lesser trap, when we walked into the main encounter, there was little to be done before we were taken by near surprise.

Worse, they apparently used spells and potions to prepare themselves for our arrival.

Cian, bless him, was alone and the rest of the party was more or less by the entryway.

That was far from safe, and we took a beating to varying degrees, but every effort was expended on my part to get the party disentangled and we took down several of our assailants.

At one point, Iz drew her weapon and looked like she was wondering where people were to hit. She had two targets a mere step away. The lack of focus there will kill us one day.

About the same time that it was possible for me to reach Cian’s side, we were both knocked out, him dying or near death, and myself merely unconscious.

The rest is a little blurry, but when next the world and me were on speaking terms, the dwarven waraxe was near me and we were all tied up in chairs.

Cian was telling a masterful lie about why we were there… blaming Zomos, it seemed, but the rat-faced guy was actually an Aspis scumbag. OK, so they are higher on the list… good work, Cian.

What happened next, don’t rightly know… Cian and me were both sucked into the lamp, and the dwarven waraxe and me went to pound some frustrations on logs for the fireplace.

That done, decided to write you.

Being in here may be good for healing my wounds and even my spine… don’t know how long it will be or the effects on either/both of those.

Hopefully, Cian will wench himself a good one to make up for any frustrations he is feeling.

How burdened is his cock.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Greater Trap

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