Dorak - The Hall

Dear Grandpa,

We headed fer the orc hall.

It wasn’t that much of a trip, but we arrived and made our way to a better vantage point.

We tried to sneak up on the orcs we spotted, but it’s hard as hell to sneak up on even a poor sentry position.

We got close, and could ha’ maybe gotten the sentries dead.

Unfortunately, one got away, an’ may have alerted some forces in the cellar.

Aye, there is a cellar.

We fought a few undead, who paralyzed me in horror.

There be many a hallway that had collapsed, and the whole structure were no more sure than my tunnels as a child until someone ha’ shored them up.

There were many undead. Orc zombies and an ogre zombie.

Fossie has a way with them. He made them flee an’ protected us at the same time.

Unfortunately, one of them ran from the room we were in to a room we had heard the sounds of battle from afore.

It was a scene of chaos. The live orcs and undead orcs were battling. A dwarf apparition was summoning celestial hounds to fight an ogre and a half-orc and his spiritual weapon took swing after swing to the ogre.

The half-orc had what may have been a relic we seek. He fled too quickly once the door was no longer barred. The relic draws orcs and the ilk to it. Perhaps it doesnae care whether they be alive or not when doing so?

The half-orc saw the tide of battle turning, and retreated. He commanded the ogre to follow, which was a blessing when the ogre died and blocked the way, though would ha’ been a glorious kill to claim partae.

Fossie, for his part, wanted Iz’Alma and Ah to convince the living orc to fight the undead orc. He made some comments on the dwarf and the zombies being part of some team of sparkly folk but I dinnae always ken what he means.

Iz’Alma didn’t try, nor did I. Fossie, rightly, knew he couldnae convince me to ally with an orc who hadnae been introduced to me in a civilized setting, he didn’t even try to ask.

The rest of the battle was fairly normal. There was a bit of a confusion between Fossie and the dwarven apparition – though thankfully, Falko helped clear me of being panicked by the voice of Horus.

As to what Horus told us, well, Ah can help put a noble dwarf to rest.

Slay orcs? Aye
Slay goblins? Aye
Slay ogres? Aye
Honor a dwarf’s life and sacrifice? Aye

Ah know why Da’ and Ma’ were (are? Ah, it’s tough ta think of that) in love with the adventuring life.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Hall

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