Dorak - The Meet and Greet

Hello Grandfather,

Your other grandson is well on the way to wenching and providing you some great-grandchildren. He’s done well enough, and we’ve made it far enough, that it’s time for me to make my own path from there.

The interview process wasn’t that difficult. As Ma and Da told me long ago, I spoke the truth, plainly and simply. They didn’t make it that hard, though, so they may have recognized my connection or they recognize some debt for taking my parents from us.

There was a ’We’re in charge here’ test, and orientation. Typical ‘these are our rules, obey’ with ’We’re really excited to have ye. Don’t screw up.’

There was also a meet and greet. Both offered opportunities to ask questions and to seek answers and clues to my parents and what really happened to them. If nothing else, it would have been good to ask about the pros and cons of the work before us.

However, “Tell me what it’s REALLY like…” in an area with divine and arcane casters as well as people of a martial or skillful bent is a good way to earn enemies. There are also three barriers to truth:

“You are too new. We don’t trust you.”
“You are too new. We don’t want to scare you.”
“There are too many ears and eyes around. I don’t want to risk my career advancement.”

I listened but heard mostly inane party chatter. No juicy tidbits, really.

I met my group shortly thereafter. The “leader”, well… she’s a bit cardboard, but that’s good – better we not be oatmeal with a sharp spike trying to push us around, and that we’re all a little flexible to start.

There was a fellow of some height and glorious demeanor. I believe we’ll get along well, though he is a little more concerned with the value of the life of a jerk than I. Still, he would then value my life, and I can develop a reputation of surliness.

There was a halfling whom I understand used to have a tavern. I believe we’ll get along well enough there, also.

And there was a woman who seemed interesting but more in the spooky than the future-bride sort of interesting.

Well, I figured I’d let you know. When we set out on the road, I may not be able to update you as regularly, but I’ll try to write a letter, even if I have to send them all at the same time.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Meet and Greet

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