Dorak - The Report from Gran Rio

Hello Explorers,

I write this while we are recovering from an assassination attempt at a banquet held by Cristobal Lopez de Crux – he spent much to honor our achievements of stopping the goblins but that unfortunately placed us in the direct path of attack, a most cowardly attack of poison.

He has lost face and he has lost a trusted servant. I hope you send him some payment because he’s been about the only friend we’ve had here.

The poison was delivered with little precision – catching many in town, including some who gave up a gift (or worse – we won’t know until the morning).

I believe my earlier report stated that we met Sir Colin the Brave with the cursed coin I’ve previously sent along and that he was on a mission to recruit heroes to rescue the town from the threat of a goblin horde.

The Council of Elders hired us, and there was great pressure to slay the goblins – and not so much to investigate the possibility (likelihood) of aid from inside. Sir Colin, and several friends of the late Mayor, were sent out to recruit more help, against the wishes of the Council.

Besides the Mayor, who died from assassination, Sir Gapala was slain in a fiery blaze that left nothing but a bit of dust. Like the Mayor, neither came back the next day to the shrine, though the Mayor was slain by Pablo, we later learned, an assassin who has methods of delivering a true death.

There was also a figure in Sir Gapala’s quarters in the evening – a figure capable of turning invisible and sneaking past me.

After trying to find out who was providing aid and unravelling some of the mysteries of Gran Rio, we managed to find the goblins – including an overgrown goblin unlike any I have seen or heard of previously – who were quite fierce.

After going back towards town, we were ambushed by a group of thugs, and a caster on this side of the river and another with a team of archers on the far side.

We killed the one called El Toro Negro who blasted my companions and several of his thugs. We went back to town and after much haranguing we were allowed back across the river.

In the morning, after the Ceremony of Life, we interrogated some of the thugs. We found that it was El Toro Negro and a man called The Skunk or Mofeta who were leading a group of thugs who had passed through town recently – and that El Toro Negro did not come back, killed in much the same way as the Mayor.

However, the ‘get out of here, good work, get out of here’ told us in no uncertain terms that there was a fix in and someone on the Council, or the Vizcondesa herself, was the force behind these attacks and goblins.

We set out to figure out whom, only to find Sir Gapala was mysteriously alive – returned in a Ceremony of Life – and his armor apparently was brought back with it.

We went out, and found two thugs dead, throats slit in the same way as the Mayor but not ritualistically marked, a third apparently having escaped and the tracks of the assassin, the infamous Pablo.

We went back, hoping to get the guilty to take action, and were warned not to investigate further by one of the Vizcondesa’s men.

This lead us to the banquet in question which I have discussed before.

On the way back from this assassination attempt, the Skunk contacted us, offering aid, but at 1 AM which reeks of a trap but one that we must walk into, weak and nearly dead.

To fight that, Kumori and I are headed to the Manciple to seek healing and send healing to Smriti, Coatl, and Dusky in our warehouse flophouse.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Report from Gran Rio

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