Dorak - The Revelation

Dear Grandpa,

Ah’ve bathed in the blood of a goblin. Ah’ve put an end to a few of the foul creatures after they ambushed me party in the night. That, however, is not as relevant, nor the revelation the goblins have a human conspirator (director?) that Ah wish to share.

Ah met a man named Gimm. He claimed that he and father toasted my mother aboard The Morning Glory, two years ago. Is it possible? What does this mean?

Was Mom taken, and he had to go clandestine to save her? (Or to avenge her and keep us safe?)

Is he still alive? Is she?

Ah cannae get the questions out of my mind. Hopefully, with some time, Calen’s gifts may be used to help find out the answers. Or Iz… she has a feel of one who is seeking, though Ah know not what, to be honest.

Back to the mission. There’s a chance the relic was taken by followers of Canarak. A blood-scrawled note promised doom before the goblins attacked.

Ah suppose we’re all seeking answers, but the questions keep coming, even when we answer the one before.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Revelation

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