Dorak - The Ritual Chamber

Dear Grandpa,

We fought hard. It was a savage fight against savage orcs after a daring and risky infiltration.

To that end, we met a leader of one of the clans in searching for our foe who promised us aid. He seemed honorable enough, and promised exactly what we wanted: safety from the orcs, the army turned toward raiding far from the area of our protection, and safe passage with the relic out.

He kept us from absolute death, but it was a hard fought battle. Every trick we had ever used seemed to fuel our foes to be trickier and more slippery. In the end, Ah feel like my greatest contribution was not being tricky as often as others.

The battle was three orcs against the group, ultimately. A barbarian and two clerics of the false god. The barbarian was a tremendous threat but it was the ritual that empowered the orcs – only barely interrupted partway – which made him and even the less brawny clerics deadlier.

We enter now a time of recovery and study and growth. Ah plan to study a language and work on my skills at distracting foes with my attacks.

Ah don’t know if Calen will still be with us. He’s made a joke about giving me his goods and heading to a temple of the tree. His conflict with Iz’Alma is such that it may be best but he will be missed.

Ah assume that we’ll have the 75 gold from Laeder for past services and have received our earnings from the expedition. Ah don’t know if we’re on retainer for the remainder until our skills will be put to use… but Ah feel fairly poor for an investigator of my skill level.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Ritual Chamber

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