Dorak - The Sound and the Furries

Dear Grandpa,

Well, it has been interesting.

Since last I wrote, we were plagued by creatures, baying in the night, who could fly and cause fear with their blows and their howls. They were smart and nearly killed Kumori, who alone stood against the fiends with a bit of aid from Dusky and Ulises.

Iz was in the lamp, Smriti and Coatl had chased after me, trying to stop me from fleeing, such was the unnatural panic I had been put into.

The fiends carried off and likely killed Ulises. His soul is tethered to his body, but how could we track the flying fiends to their lair and hope to recover it to carry with us? When it rots and his soul is no longer tethered, he is still too far from civilization to make it to any shrine that we know of… the only hope for him is a druidic shrine and a wandering druid. I hope that he is so fortunate.

Kumori, separated from Satori, was helpless to kill the fiends, as his dagger was unable to damage their hides. I don’t know all that much about it, since creatures of the divine or planar origin are more a matter for a man of the church, but it seems we are poorly equipped to handle these. I know I’ve seen weapons of various materials in some of the finer shops – I recall cold steel and adamantine were expensive, but alchemical silver was relatively cheap if softer and duller than equivalent items. A silvered dagger or kukri or sickle per party member is on my shopping list.

Kumori was saved, such as it were, by another predator who may have been called to attack us by the cursed mask stowed only shortly before.

However, that undead predator was still hungry for the taste of living flesh, and sought out my boon companions. Though I did not witness it, as I was about a tenth of a mile from camp at that point, I understand that it swallowed Coatl, who tried to use his snake against the beast, badly hurt the snake, then swallowed Kumori, who had tried to recover Satori, and that it was Iz and Dusky who badly hurt the beast, though Inky also leapt into the fray.

Coatl knew the beasts and had hunted the like while it was alive, so he told me a bit of it in Common, though I don’t know what lizard kings do while alive, and the tales of lizard folk I have heard and read don’t seem to match with them being ruled by a beast such as that.

The party rested and marched through the evening and the evil hounds attacked us yet again. This time, they turned on the horses and Coatl. When we recovered and regrouped, they fled – while Coatl is less prey to their evil nature than the noble Kumori, he’s also less hearty and easier to hit by far.

I wish that were the last of the eventful trek through the wilderness. The next attack I don’t quite understand – it was lurking below and tried to swallow us, one at a time.

Kumori was better able to damage the tentacles than I, and Smriti had severed the tentacle that tried to grab her. However, Iz and Coatl were on the menu as appetizers, as was the horse.

Coatl managed to unleash a swarm to damage the creature, while Iz was mostly helpless to do much but struggle.

Unfortunately, after the creature died, to Dusky’s sling no less, the swarm still persisted, and hurt Iz and even Kumori, who went down to try to rescue her.

We made a rough conveyance to get the statue to town, and Coatl managed to offend some minors who offered to sell us a cart for only slightly above market. That made him unpopular with Smriti, who was fairly stressed about the matter of light and torches.

I think Coatl and Smriti could benefit from a few blessings of continual flame.

Kumori may even benefit from his armor being so blessed also.

However, after a bit of delay, we made it to Alhambra. The entrance to the city was a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare, due in large part to a band of gypsies traveling ahead of us. Though their cart was dismantled – and most purposely not reassembled – there was no illicit materials uncovered. While I dislike gypsies on one hand, I do respect the skill.

After them was a few more simple matters – a boat which had too little to make it through and a well dressed lady who begged some coins from Kumori. While not so innocent, she did repay the coins and then some.

We made it through, and Luigi, apologizing for the delay, referred us to The Silver Swan to ask his cousin Pedro for ‘the special’ – however, cursed items into a tavern did not seem wise to me.

Despite my pressing need to remove the bitter taste of failure from my soul, I felt it best to deliver to the Explorer’s the cursed items.

Our reception was interesting. It was like a play or a game of hide the party in the dungeons. You’d think that they’d have a better understanding of the personalities of the team so as to not cause an adverse reaction. I am more than a handful but if Coatl and the lot were to react in a fashion similar to my own… it could go poorly for all.

We had an audience with the King’s man, and our plans have now changed.

The finely dressed lady was seen to be joining us by a seer, as well as another – a cleric of Tinel.

I am going to make a shopping list and get my soul cleansed. We have a day or less before we must leave.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Sound and the Furries

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