Dorak - The Unlucky Lady

Dear Grandpa,

Do you know who I hate almost as much as the Aspis? Possibly even more than Juisse?


Let me explain… There was an artifact that I encountered – the Lady’s Luck – that gave me incredible luck but also incredibly poor judgment.

Stocky had mentioned an adventurer – an odd one who was shortly ahead of us on the road – named Sir Colin the Brave. We later learned that he had lost the coin at a farm that we stopped at, but the farmer picked it up first, and fell prey to the curse of vanity and greed, as I believe I mentioned.

Well, we could not leave it with him, so after Iz gave a reading to scare the family, I picked it

That meant that I was now the one cursed, especially since Coatl had used his only prepared Remove Curse.

The next leg of the trip was uneventful until we met Sir Colin on the road. He was distracted and seeking to free ‘his lady’ and I – knowing that the lady brought me great fortune – was not going to let it go without a fight. Smriti took the worst of his sudden and unprovoked attack, but Smriti and I were working better as a unit to get the right positioning, so it seemed like it would go our way quite easily.

He called upon his divine powers to heal some of his wounds, and Dusky was healing him and everyone else in turn. However, I took a quick two jabs at him and between several vicious attacks that I was able to land thanks to Smriti, a good wallop or two from her, Coatl making him easier to hit and less deadly with his greatsword, and Iz unleashing her improved undead minion, it worked well.

However, I was intent on separating him from his goods, and Smriti was intent on tying him up, which left Dusky out of the loop for tending to his wounds, and Iz out of focus as usual. Thus, with my judgment decreased and the general disbelief of it, Sir Colin lost a gift.

I know, I feel somewhat responsible but also not because I was addled…

This put Dusky at odds with the group, and she missed Kumori. We always miss Kumori when he’s not there, but Dusky feels very close to him. Perhaps he and she will have a relationship if they can overcome the cultural and religious differences? I digress.

The road ahead was passed mostly in silence. We did reach a bridge and saw a group of cultists having a ceremony. They were blocking our progress.

I suggested to Coatl, since they seemed to be dirty, that he help clean them. He did his best, but they were not interested in being cleansed by him, they were interested in the cleansing of the ceremony, which consisted of shaving, reciting a poem, body paint, and drinking from the river as well as casting off shoes and wood.

The wood makes sense if you understand religion, which Smriti sort of explained, but it’s still a bunch of crazy bastards with more time and dirt than sense or vision.

Coatl tried to fly across but was stopped by a massive animated statue of water rising from the river. That meant that we could either lose precious time or solve the puzzle of getting past the group.

I don’t recall what happened, exactly – there was some talk of retreating, which in my addled mind was letting the idiots win, so I apparently decided to antagonize them. I walked upstream of the ceremony and was apparently going to put the Urian in their ceremony, if you catch what I mean.

The next thing I know, I am shorn, painted, and being called The Chosen One. Let me tell you, I gave them a piece of my mind… and the lead priestess was no holy roller, let me assure you. She tried to cast some sort of mind-altering spell that I snapped away from… and I lost my shoes to the lot.

Despite my disgust, I figured they were under her spell, and anything I could do – other than sneak in and slay her in her sleep – would likely involve blood on innocent hands, so I marched on, as Sir Colin was on a mission to warn of a goblin threat in Gran Rio, and in my addled state, I thought ‘Well, goblins… I could kill a bunch of goblins. I rather relish the opportunity…’

The time in Alcazar de Devi was brief but profitable, and I was pushing pretty hard; without my horse, I had not got far ahead of my friends.

I first was approached by Sir Colin, whom I gave back all but his jeweled dagger, which he gave to me in apology for the attack against our company. He also gave me a writ at his church.

They caught up with me outside of Gran Rio, and removed the curse on me, so I put the coin and the disk from the odd creature in a shipment back to the Explorer’s.

We now have to figure out what is going on with the goblins here, as they have some arcane might backing them… I would assume demi-human arcane, because even a human nose likely could not stand the stench of the goblins.

Anyway, I will share what we uncover about the mystery later. I hope you are well.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Unlucky Lady

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