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Dear Grandpa,

Well, as I write this, I am standing guard over our recently purloined (and slightly diminished) team of horses (and pony).

It seems there’s a hobgoblin problem here. And problem is putting it lightly… 1 in 7 (if I have the population figures right) were killed in a raid recently. 1 in 7… that’s the sort of numbers where you pack up what you have and leave if possible.

There was a request for an audience with the Mayor in the morning, which may turn into a request to kill hobgoblins. Now, I am for that, because the only good goblin is a dead one, but others are weary after Gran Rio, and I can understand.

There’s a time for backstabbing and treachery and there are times for adrenaline without having to puzzle out every reason why you have to stab something. I think even Dusky is up to stab some things after Gran Rio.

Assuming we all agree to help, hopefully there’s some stash of mithril or other goods to compensate us for the risks and delay. Not that I dislike being the hero, but a hero and a vagabond don’t really go together – you acquire a reputation for being a push over and an easy mark and you never get the rewards you are due because you have to keep on moving.

Also, especially since the shoes were lost to that stupid cult – which I ought to have mentioned to Calen but I don’t know if he’d be likely to pray the way I wanted him to in regards to that matter – I really don’t feel like the compensation has been commensurate with someone of my skills and experience.

I have to pay a good chunk of the loot we earned to wash away the taste of losing a gift, and the dagger of Pablo may play an important role in Kumori and Dusky’s plans, so that’s not for sale, even if it were not evil in blade form.

Coatl hasn’t identified the potions, but it’s tough to believe that any is worth very much alone, and the difference between what I should own and what I do is large – let me do the math.

The market value for my shirt is about 2k. The rings make 4.5k and my rapier is another 2.4k. 1k in a cloak, 4k in a belt, and that’s 13.9k, call it 15 with the Wayfinder (which is mine by inheritance) and incidentals, mostly recovered vials of poison (which I am loathe to use).

That’s somewhere between 40 to 60% of what a well skilled adventurer of my age and tenure generally earns. It’s riches compared to the average person, of course, but the average person isn’t facing a gang of monsters to earn their wages.

The same is true for my cohorts – Smriti has a similarly priced stash, with 2.3k in a weapon, 1k in armor, 1k in cloak, 2k in a ring, 2k in boots, call it 9k with the potions, maybe 10 or so with the vajra.

She ought to have a better set of bracers and a blowgun or something – we’re all very weak when it comes to dealing damage at a distance.

Even if her bracers were enchanted to the next step, she’d still be about 60% of what the average adventurer of her experience earns.

Coatl is likely the worst off of us – he doesn’t care much for weapons, and what he does prize is very different. He has a pearl that I don’t think I’ve seen him use, a cloak that makes as much sense on me as on him, and his bracers are like Smriti’s, though there’s an odd feather that he has tucked in which I don’t think I’ve ever understood.

He should have at least taken some of the scrolls from Iz, who never would use them, and maybe can’t even use some. I don’t know.

Part of me thinks a good spellbook dropping in his lap would help, because he doesn’t do much with the spells he has other than hold and storm ash. I can understand not using the swarm thing, given the distaste and disadvantage of having to get in close. The ability to fly seems like it could be fun for him, and Smriti was saying something about Pablo using that to his advantage, but Coatl’s inaugural use of it was less than ideal. Maybe he should try it again.

That’s also the odd thing – I thought his sort had a patron, sort of like Iz and her spirits, that gave him additional spells to cast… has he found disfavor with his patron, or does his patron not grant him anything that could have been useful?

I don’t know. My life is not bad, really. It’s just that, in the heat of battle, when I consider my options, I don’t think a single Ionian fire is going to turn the tide.

Thanks for listening to me grouse. You’ve got the practice, I know.

- Dorak

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