Dorak - The Warehouse

Dear Grandpa,

Ah, it’s a bit of solace tha’ we have saved some lives. Far too few, Ah fear, but enough tha’ Ah cannae help but be glad we investigated.

Cian felt poorly, so we went out without him to watch the hole in the wall. Ah spied, with the eyes of an eagle, a gypsy woman who had passed by Iz and Falko. Alas, she was faster than Ah, so it was difficult to keep her in sight. Ah ran full out, and managed to intercede. Unfortunately, she used the blue winnis poison and hit me, and Ah fell asleep.

Thankfully, while Ah was asleep, Fossie caught up and managed to be on hand when she fell prey to her own devices.

Her interrogation was slow but fruitful. Fossie found out that there was a man of some noble birth, there was a set of twins, and clues were fairly sparse but a name, at last.

We went back to the hotel, and found Cian had been taking. Unfortunately, by investigating, Zack, the handyman, was tipped off, and fled.

We found a set of spare keys were made for Zack by the town keysmith. However, Zack having fled, it was seemingly another dead end. Ah asked about the twins the gypsy woman had met with, and that lead us to a warehouse.

At the warehouse, it was determined that the door was heavy with locks, and we saw a landing to an office. It was determined Ah’d climb up, and being more limber than stout, the fall was likely, but we didnae ken what that would cause. The shutters to the office began to close, and Iz’Alma tried to use a spell to stop it, though it was a weak force at best. Falko, however, cast his sleep spell on the area.

When Ah did arrive at top, the occupant was asleep, and when he awoke, he was bound. Ah tried to get my friends into the warehouse quickly, but it was not as easy to get information from him as Ah hoped.

With Iz and Falko guarding the man, Fossie and Ah searched the warehouse for clues to a basement. When we heard a flapping from the office, it was Fossie who was closer to the action, and he would have arrived first, but for a grease spill.

When Ah arrived, Ah saw a skeleton destroying bats, Iz and Falko covered in bats, and a bloodstain where our captive lay before.

The foul demon that called forth both beasts and grease appeared to bite Fossie, allowing me to swing at him. That disrupted his concentration, and he disappeared from sight. It did nae end the attack right away, but soon enough.

Fossie took care of our wounds and we continued to search. Having found a path to a lower level, we ventured in, only to find the way barred time and again. We finally arrived at a door, and with the sounds coming from the other side, Ah didn’t check for traps, despite all the good habits you taught me. Thankfully, it wasn’t trapped.

The first room was a scene of insect horror, and the prisoners were tightly bound by five locks a piece. One was awake and screaming, and then asleep, and Fossie joined me in the room to try to heal and save as many as possible. Ah tossed a keyring to Iz to check the other room.

While Iz and Falko went into the other room, which we could half hear their efforts to free those unthreatened prisoners, the door to our and then their chamber was closed and locked upon us.

Fossie was considering his prayers when Ah suggested he ask for a pony – to kick the door down. He had one prayer and one scroll to call upon.

Unfortunately, one pony was put to waste by another damned grease patch, but the door was unhinged eventually.

In the end, the brother was freed, found innocent, many lives were saved, some renown garnered, Ah got a new crossbow, and we will be on time to Laedersburg for our meeting.

Sadly, the demon and his lord were not caught, though it is likely that the dreadlord whom the demon was supposed to help summon with the innocent lives saved will exact vengeance of a sort.

The plot against Lord Fossie and the demonic rituals were not connected, at least, not in a way that makes sense, but the squire saved Lord Fossie’s life by warning him of the Vizhier.

- Dorak

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Dorak - The Warehouse

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