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Dear Grandpa,

I am going to write a quick note about what we’ve found out thus far – we’re headed back to a clearing to wait for signs of the traitor after we fought a band of goblins.

Earlier, we met with Santos, the arcanist, who said that it was not arcane but divine magic that brought down the pillars of flame from above.

Now, I don’t know what I felt, but I felt something tug at my mind, so it could be his disciple Jesus was trying to make us kill the master to take his place or Santos used a spell on us that I think hasn’t affected me… it’s tough to say. However, I have to say I think I am rubbing off on Smriti – she was not keen to trust the wizard with our secrets, and even Santos thinks it is the work of an inside man, which is exactly what I’d say were I the inside man!

‘I think it’s the job of an inside man. I don’t like to think it of my friends and neighbors, but that is the tough answer that the facts lead me to believe. Thank goodness you outsiders are here, so I know whom to trust.’ Ingratiates the heroes to you and let’s you lead them down blind alleys, into traps, and away from the real evidence.

In fact, he did not want to name names, as it were… which is excellent… the whole ‘Oh no, I couldn’t… oh no, I mustn’t… Oh, well, since you insist…’ tactic for ‘leaking’ a secret.

We did not insist but he seems to be throwing suspicion more on the Manciple since he said it would be someone who has access to fire magic, and by Korak’s hammer, what else would a goddess of the hearth give her servants?

Of course, he could be innocent… since it would also make sense that the Manciple has a means of binding a soul to an object, as we encountered previously, which would explain why there’s no Mayor popping up and shouting ’J’accuse!’.

However, he sold Kumori a potion of Cat’s Grace, and admitted he did not make it… hmm. I am not entirely certain about this, but I thought Santos the sort that if he wanted a spell and was able to cast it, it was mostly a matter of studying a scroll and transferring it to a book. Isn’t that true of all those who study magic rather than merely use it?

Anyway, the potion is important because the band of goblins had a leader, an oversized goblin with brutish strength, and he had a potion or three from what Kumori reports. The potions he had seemed to be more of a Calen, Dusky, or even Iz bent than a Coatl or Santos sort, though, so again, it could be the Manciple who brewed them and supplied them.

However, the faith of the potion maker must have been strong – possibly strong enough to wish and see you smited by their deity – which seems beyond the Manciple, since she said she could not bring Kumori back if he perished (as I recall).

None of this rules out the Dock Master… indeed, who better than the Dock Master to supply the goblins with items like this that may have been passing through? Or they could have obtained them during their successful raids!

Still so many questions, like who put the box under the rock and who cast the spell that cursed me from it? I don’t know much about trap making yet, but I know that if I want to have a magical trap made, I would need to hire someone to cast the spell for me, since I am not capable of casting spells.

When we get back to town, if we did not find the traitor out by watching for that box to be used, then I shall have to see about asking the Manciple if she can cast such spells and if anyone has hired her to curse an item or trap. I don’t see how she could admit to doing so without giving away she is the traitor, though perhaps Santos is controlling her, like he tried to control us.

Indeed, I must share my theories with the party. I’ll leave off, as we are almost back to the boats that the goblins had stolen.

That reminds me! I forgot to ask Coatl if the short sword we picked up was magical. I know Kumori has the bow of that goblin bastard, but the gold is not so great a haul of treasure when split 6 ways.

It’s good to get this all sorted out.

Thanks, Grandpa.

- Dorak

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