Dorak - What Fools

Captain Hector,

What fools these mortals be – I seem to recall that as a line from a play I saw once… I must say the murderers and conspirators from my earlier report are fools.

Here are the offenses or mistakes that they committed to my understanding of politics and religion here:

  1. Used a likeness of Apollo to assassinate a witness
  2. Used cultish magic that, if exposed, would see them branded as heretical
  3. Used a group of satyrs to try to clean up any survivors from the first two acts
  4. Lead by a gladiator and student of Laurenth so if he was captured and confessed or was killed and identified, pointed the blame more clearly at their feet
  5. Allowed the satyrs to know his name, so if they were caught, he’d be identified
  6. Brought the senator with the papers which proved them guilty back to the crime scene (his own domus) rather than burn the papers and kill the senator where they found him
  7. Did not use the magic of the satyr on the servants subtly
  8. Used satyrs, who are closely aligned with Bacchus, further compounding the mistake of offending Apollo by trying to suggest it is his will that the slave be executed

Of course, we made our own mistakes:

  1. Ian cast a spell and saw it did nothing but did not call out to warn his fellows something was amiss
  2. Ignatius cast a spell, and saw it did nothing, but did not call out to warn his fellows something was amiss
  3. Iz’Alma waited and deliberated but did not notice a pattern and tried to attack it with a spell directly
  4. Resisting the lure of the effects – the best thing for those who are more easily led (I count myself among them, sadly) would be to fall under the effect of the spell alongside our companions. Oddly, what I recall of talking with Coatl of creatures of that sort was that usually only one carries pipes – perhaps that’s changed or is a Chuulian thing
  5. Not using our skills to the fullest – I am a skill fiend but I have not studied most topics, e.g. Nature, Religion, Arcana, or even Geography – but we never use the fact that thinking is usually not an action that has time limits. While it is difficult in the heat of combat to ponder the mysteries of life, the universe and everything, it should take no time at all to try to identify a creature by sight and possibly recall any weaknesses or special abilities that it has.
  6. Even if we did, I doubt we’d call out to one another to share the information

Ultimately, I hope that the mistakes our foes made, possibly offending the gods, carries either a boon to my party when facing the vicious gladiator and the dark spirit within him, or a penalty to the gladiator.

Meanwhile, since I have been sucked into the lamp, I am going to take advantage of this time to speak to everyone I can to try to learn Kushari and Mung Li as well as Agile Strikes. I’ve already picked up a bit of the languages from Smriti, and while it is a little annoying and highly unusual for me to be unaware of a language in an area I am traveling through, I feel like not learning Pthyan is a minor insult to the Empire.

The Empire is possibly going to be unwelcoming to followers of The Great Church, incidentally. If there are any projects that are going through the Empire in the near future, we should exercise caution. At least, that’s the view from one local, the prelate who hired us, so clearly he’s either clever or lucky.

I think that’s all I have to say for the moment. If I can think of anything more, I’ll let you know.

Explorer Dorak
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Dorak - What Fools

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