Description: PCR standard druid modified as follows:

DruidRegions: Druids mostly hail from either Cymbryll or the Northlands, but members of this class may be found throughout the world. Pocket sects can also be found in Caspia, The Hordelands, and among the Al Farai peoples. The jungle nations of the Southern Continent have also been known to have druids among their peoples. Rumors of druids among the Nokol-Orai have reached the notice of more civilized nations. There is no druid religion connecting regions. Druids from Cymbryll and the Free Kingdoms worship Eliwyn, the Tree of Life.

Spell Preparation: In addition to the normal requirements for the daily preparing of spells, druids must do so in a natural setting in order to regain their spells, and therefore cannot do so inside towns or cities, inside buildings or any artificial structure.

Ritual Magic: Druids may learn ritual magic. Divine Ritual is a class skill. To do so they must purchase ranks in the Divine Ritual skill, which is a class skill for them.

Sense Spirits: Druids, when in a druid circle, have the ability to sense the presence of all spirits of the dead who have congregated there. The druid is unable to differentiate between the various spirits present.

Ceremony of Life: All druids, at first level, gain knowledge and the ability to perform the Ceremony of Life, a 5 minute ceremony where the bodies of any and all dead spirits reform. At the end of the ceremony, the spirit reenters the body with a new Gift.

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