DrusaiDrusas is a vast and diverse country.
Until the Phthyan Empire invaded key cities in the southern peninsula and imposed worship of the Imperial Pantheon upon the Drusan peoples, they devoutly followed The Four, the muses of Song, Art, Poetry, and Drama. The Drusai revere the arts, and give tribute daily to the Four, despite the dangers of persecution by the Imperial forces.

They are generally a spiritual folk, and are disinclined to violence, as is reflected in their beliefs. The generations of the Phthyan invasion, however, have hardened them as a people. At first the Drusans hired sell-swords or mercenaries from other countries to aid them in protecting their lands, a practice they still employ. Today, however, the Drusans have developed an honored class of warriors, many of whom are holy warriors dedicated to The Four. In order to survive and defend their lands, they have developed a military, unheard of in past generations. This military might still holds a certain stigma in the eyes of a few traditionalists, but those who criticize them certainly also depend on the protection of the military’s strength at arms in order to remain a free people.

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