EbronPopulation: 1122

The small town sits atop an ancient and sacred site. It is a nexus node, and the junction of at least three strong ley lines, and several lines of lesser strength. The strongest three lines have been fixed long ago at the Stony Sept, a Guildhall of Korak. Two of the three are Spiritual, in the subtypes of Artifice and Rune. One was created, so says legend, by Korak himself during the days when gods walked amongst men. He built a grand forge here, and that edifice still stands, protected by no fewer than seven Arcstones, the Holy Warriors of Korak. The other strong nodal anchor in the Spiritual energy was formed by the fact that the site is the home temple to Korak’s highest ranking priest. The Essential node was created here due to eons upon eons of dweomercraft that has been worked on the site. The exposure to the power of both divine and arcane energies eventually caused the ley lines to drift to the spot like iron filings to a magnet. And after so long, the lines have settled into an impressive node, and nexus.

The site is also the home to the Ebron Extension of the Universidad de Toledo. The Guildhall of Korak serves to draw apprentices from across the world, and many are turned away from this prestigious establishment. They are sent to other, smaller Guildhalls for their training. Some craftsmen who have attained the rank of Master elsewhere, are admitted to continue their training at Ebron.

The town was built on this ancient site, said to have originally been built by the same dwarves who raised the “The Block” in Alcazar Toledo. The first of the Free Men who settled here were followers of Korak. They grasped the significance of such a site, and the founder, Don Diego Ebron III. The most recent Guildmaster of all the Guildhalls of Korak, who of late stepped down due to failing age, is Wise Brother Eustaquio Ebron IV, a direct descendant of the town’s founder.

The town has kept its small size despite its magical and spiritual significance. The magical energies here are palpable, and most find that if they stay here for more than a week, they develop genuinely debilitating headaches. The clerics at the Stoney Sept have simple, but expensive remedies, which they distribute amongst the student body of the University.


The Stony Sept – a mid-sized chapel to Korak (temple). The tower carillon can be heard ringing the hour for at least a league distant from the town.
The Universidad de Toledo: Ebron campus. Workshops and classrooms, forges and kilns. Adjacent to the chapel.
University Tavern – a sedate tavern where the students spend their off hours toasting to their successes, discussing practices and procedures, and throw the occasional celebration.
Brown Heart Inn – A comfortable residence that caters to wealthy visitors, travelers, and a few select local residents.

Wise Brother Eustaquio Ebron IV – Former guldmaster and long time crafter of great works, both magical and mundane.
Arcstone Caballero Fernando Ferdinand Fernandez – The protector of a sacred statue, said to both depict, and created by, Korak himself. He is a serious if not friendly man, and holds a keen interest in all things to do with crafting, as well as unearthing and protecting relics.

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