Explorer's Society Correspondence 1

Field Operative Dorak,

I trust this letter finds you well, and well on your journey towards Kaidan. We have gotten word that you have submitted reports, yet those documents are not yet in our possession. One such missive received was reported to us to contain a request to requisition a weapon with the relatively new ability, which the Explorers have dubbed “Agile”, allowing those trained in the subtle finesse of such weapons as the rapier and other light weapons of élan to cause greater harm to their foes.

While such weapons are known to us, individually they are in great demand. Such is the call for these weapons, the secrets of their making still closely guarded, that of the three masters endowed with the ability and knowledge to construct such weaponry are fully booked for the span of at least two score and three months. This skill is still closely guarded, and written consent must be procured from a patron, such as a prince or higher rank, or from the Decemvirate itself. It is known that the goal of the Decemvirate is to have a complete catalogue of all magic in the realm, however impossible and dauntless such a task may prove. Still, they keep close what knowledge they have control over, and unfortunately, this particular unique art is something they feel they can grasp onto and hold as if their very lives were at stake.

Furthermore, those who already possess such a blade are doubtful to turn them over from their persons at any offered outlay of coin. It is known that three such blades, two rapiers and a sword-cane, have been stolen from their legitimate owners. Should they be found, however, as a loyal Explorer, you would be duty bound to secure them to the nearest Lodge and surrender them to the Captain on duty.

I would offer the pleasure to write the Decemvirate in Archemaine on your behalf, requesting sponsorship and to be added to the waiting list of applicants. Certainly your endeavor in Kaidan, should it prove successful, would give those in the position to sponsor your request justification to do so. Simply let me know your intent, so I can start the juggernaut of bureaucracy to get this issue resolved.

One last note, which might be of interest to you. Whereas the ability to create such items is currently a guarded secret, there may be an alternate option open to you. It is known that certain schools of martial combat possess experts, trainers if you will, who have mastered the art of agile striking. These masters are more numerous than those who know the skill of crafting the ability into a weapon. Many major cities with reputable swordsman schools hold within their courts masters capable of training this skill, formally known as Agile Strike.

I have personal knowledge of several such schools, and have looked over the records in our office, and am delighted to have come up with a short, and non-exhaustive, list of some of these schools (and the master at arms names where available).

  • Valroux Académie d’escrime – Juisse
    Location: le Poitier Master: Chevalier Reynier de Landshusere
  • The Andews School for Martial Combatants – Midrealm
    Location: Archemaine Master: Lord Roger Mortimer
  • La Scuola Bernoulli dell’Est – Realm of the East
    Location: Venchenzia Master: Giardino di Foscari of House Lorialn
  • Die Durchsetzungburg Schule – North Westerlands
    Location: Franzbürg Master: Burghard Hahn der Eber
  • l’accademia Ambrogia di spade a Ferrara – Realm of the East
    Location: Ferrara Master: Madame Veronica Ambrogia
  • An Scoil Faileas de Fálú – Cymbryll
    Location: Kerry Master: Unknown

I understand that taking time off for such training is the antithesis to your mission, but I wanted to make you aware of your options. Remember that usually, unless one pays a steep fee to do so, these swordsman schools do not casually train vagrant swordsmen. One usually enrolls in the school, with sponsorship and appropriate tuition, and commits to the term of study required by the school’s regulations. As I mentioned, it is possible to train in an ad-hoc fashion, but such training is intense and would take the master away from his regular instruction. Therefore, a sizable fee is usually required.

Godspeed and safe passage on your tasks, and may you ever be undaunted by adversity.

Yours in service to the Society,

Señor Hector Gonzalo
Venture Captain Fourth Grade – Altamira Lodge
City of Alcazar Toledo
Kingdom of Espagia

Explorer's Society Correspondence 1

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