Fål Stone

Also known as “Old Molly,” this stone lies in a courtyard in the center of the City of Carnavon, the capital of Cymbryll. When kissed by the true king of the Cymbric, the stone sings a haunting (and some say prophetic) melody. It is regarded as one of the greatest treasures of the land and is a symbol of the nation and culture of the Cymbrians everywhere. No Cymbrian would dare touch the stone without good reason, as it is sacred to them all. However, few foreign nobles have any such difficulty. That is, until they are found dead the next day for their disrespect.

Everyone in the land knows that the stone is watched all day, every day. The people believe the Sidhe protect the stone. In fact, the Scáthach kills anyone who touches the stone without just cause. They do not stand by it and guard it; they watch in disguise as faces in the crowd or beggars lurking in the alleys. They watch the stone in secret, ready to punish anyone who disrespects it. There is a story told of a Juisse noble many years ago. He boasted loudly that he was unafraid of these local customs. In broad daylight he chiseled off a piece of the stone as a keepsake. No one really knows what happened to him during the night, but he returned the next day, ashen-faced. He placed the small chip of stone he had stolen back on top of Old Molly. Then he shouted that he was sorry and begged forgiveness of the O’Bannon, the Scáthach, and the Cymbrian people. After that, he stabbed himself and fell dead as his blood splashed onto the Stone. Most people still wonder what terror the Scáthach could have threatened the noble with to make him do that, as he was under no enchantment. If anyone doubts this local story, they are shown the small chip of stone that still rests on top of the Fål Stone. Even many years later, the myth keeps the Stone unmolested.

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Fål Stone

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