Falko's Journal Entry 2

3 Shal 1332 YS

Today brought us to Montaigne — it is indeed such a marvelous city, and so nice to have been able to return here, especially for celebration of The First Sorrow!

It’s been quite the evening, certainly. When we arrived, everything seemed quite jovial as preparations were being made. We ended up spending a bit of time at the chapel and orphanage… it seems that they are both in dire need of some funding. Having been in a situation not dissimilar, I can certainly sympathize! How quickly those children who have naught to care for them are sent plummeting into the ranks of poverty, with the Church less a means for salvation as opposed to mere survival.

What a day we picked to visit this humble orphanage, as well! Some false members of the clergy had designs on these children, hoping that they would turn a bit of coin on the market. Learning of this plan in advance, we did the best that we could to thwart it. I’m afraid that are thwarting skills are somewhat… lacking, however. We were given the bait and switch!

Fortunately, we were fortuitous enough to realize the folly quickly, and were able to apprehend some of the perpetrators as they attempted to flee town. Kypris showed amazing marksmanship — I certainly would not want to be on the wrong side of that woman. After learning that an Athenian was behind the whole plot, she was doubly irate. In this, I sympathized. I know little of these Athenian people, but I have trust in Kypris’s word, and any group of people who could perpetrate such acts and produce scum that would seek to profiteer off of children… I endeavor to put her deeds of this evening to song, then spread them as we travel. Alas I am currently too tired from the day’s events — and we all know what happens when I become too tired! — but I will take to the pen and gittern on the morrow.

Before I conclude, I must would be remiss without noting that something most peculiar happened to our companion Iz’alma whilst we dealt with the kidnappers… As we approached the carts, she was struck with a bizarre malaise. She froze, then stared off into the distance as if lost. Her eyes lost their color, only to be replaced by a smoke that devoured the iris! She began to mumble and twitch, her fingers actively fidgeting as if guided by some otherworldly hand. It was quite the sight! She woke only after we finished rescuing the children.

I certainly worry that this may cause for great difficulty in the future, especially with Calen, who I fear has now grown to truly regard her as some sort of abomination. I am truly thinking about spending some time attempting to mediate the pair — I think that their issues can be quickly reconciled. If not, perhaps I could slip a little something in some of my famous ale…

And speaking of ale, I think that it is time that I sampled some of the local fare, then retire for the eve. I certainly don’t want to be falling asleep on the job again.

Falko’s Journal

Falko's Journal Entry 2

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