Fey Gift - Black Rider's Boon

Black Rider’s Boon

The Black Rider has the most forbidding appearance of the Three Riders. He always appears in a frightening form when called to service. His judgments are the least recorded in history, as they are all performed under the cover of night, and many citizens blame other vicious creatures and strange occurrences for the disappearance of their fellow citizens.

Usually the Black Rider finds his subject guilty, and either kills them or curses them, depending on the circumstances. On the rare occasions where he finds the victims innocent, or even falsely accused, it can be his judgement to reward the subject with a fitting boon.

Kumori’s Black Rider’s Boon

You’ve got a knack for discerning the truth amongst creatures who admire falsehoods.
Effect: You gain a +4 bonus to Sense Motive check when anyone lies to you.
Limitations: This boon does not function while you possess any cold iron on your person. Additionally, it does not work against Fey of any kind.

Deviant Magic

Fey Gift - Black Rider's Boon

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