Flanking Example

This table outlines the rough positions for Smriti with the +1 Furious Longspear for allies, e.g. Dorak, to give flanking to both Smriti and the ally or allies.

There are some spots that may also qualify for flanking that do not have ‘ally’ filled in to the spot in the table.

However, if a spot has a villain (or is occupied by a villain while Smriti is holding the spear, hereafter such villains are referred to as Spear Target), the spots with Ally (or Spear Target/Ally) should give flanking to both allies assuming there’s a line that can be drawn between Smriti (the center of the flanking universe) and the ally.

Edit: Eliminated the threatened but harder to diagram spear targets from the table. The spots between Spear Target/Ally are threatened and may provide flanking – based on the flanking example linked above – but the ally positioning is more difficult.

Also, it is assumed that the ally is threatening/armed. If the ally is disarmed or unarmed, the flanking condition is nullified.

Additionally, high level rogues, barbarians, and some creatures are immune to flanking.

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Smriti flanking chart

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