Great Festival of Korak

Nearly every small community and culture has some version of a holiday to celebrate the work of laborers. These culturally specific holidays are celebrated and often led by the local guildhalls and serve as the usual holy days for the Koraketh.

Once every ten years the Koraketh celebrate their high holiday, the Great Festival. At this time Koraketh from around the world meet in a location, determined by the heads of the three orders, for a grand competition. The location is picked as much as two years in advance, and many of the world’s greatest artisans attend – even those who are not members of holy orders, for it is a celebration of artisanship.

There are three main prizes awarded at the festival: the Golden Laurels in Making, Building, and Masonry. While makers, and usually builders, are expected to bring their entries to the Great Festival, those whose entries are magnificent castles, monuments, or other great structures must provide for magical means to present their creations to the panel of judges (which is usually accomplished through scrying, but occasionally through teleportation or other magical travel).

The judging is done by a panel of 11 impartial elders of the faith who are not competing themselves. The heads of the three orders must compete, because the winner of the Golden Laurel in each competition is made the head of that competition’s corresponding order. It has never happened that the winner is not already a powerful member of the Koraketh faith, likely a comment on the “impartiality” of the judges. In general, the Great Festival ends up being three great competitions between the head of each order and the second most skilled member of his or her order. The works presented at the festival, even those not likely to win laurels, are all spectacular.

There are several lesser awards presented at the Great Festival, generally meant to praise less accomplished artisans who have achieved great things with limited resources, but all eyes are on the contest for the Golden Laurels.

If the head of an order should die or fall from grace or otherwise leave his duties prior to a Great Festival, the heads of the other two orders hold an election for the new head. All guildmasters around the world are expected to send in one vote cast by all of the members of the order in question found at their guildhall. The elected head of the order holds the position until the next Great Festival, where it must be defended as normal.

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Great Festival of Korak

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