Gypsy queenGypsy wagonGypsy girlThe Gypsy is a roving vagabond who lives by trading and performing. Usually part of a gypsy house, tribe or camp, they travel the faire and festival circuits. They usually travel in carts and wagons, which are a part of their flavorful culture. These people are well known for their strange Gypsy music and dances. Most people distrust the Gypsy, because their culture is very different from most other, ‘decent’ people. Gypsy ways are strange to outsiders, and poorly understood by most. Gypsies use weapons normally allowed by their class. The knife or dagger is a favorite weapon, as it is easily concealable. Swords and axes are also preferred. They don’t acknowledge the notion of ‘civilized’ weaponry, and thus don’t usually carry rapiers and like weapons. They never use polearms or two- handed weapons, save the quarterstaff. Gypsies, when encountered with their own people, are never seen wearing armor heavier than studded leather. They love to wear gaudy jewelry and colorful scarves and clothing. They strive to earn enough in trade to make or buy a gypsy cart or wagon.

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