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In the struggles to overcome adversity, some true heroes rise above mankind’s base constitution, where individuals enact feats of such mettle as to inspire stories and legends. As these gallants would do well to be rewarded in public recognition, the Crown of the Free Kingdoms, endorsed with the full sponsorship of the High Council, has created the Order of the Golden Standard.

- Proclamation of High King Foy du Locke, Uri 12, YS 1433

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Tokens Defined

UPDATE: With the creation of Action Dice, Hero Tokens have changed slightly. Basically: Cheat Death is now called Intervention but does the same thing; Extra Action no longer allows an extra move (that is now the domain of Action Dice); You may purchase Action Dice by spending Hero Tokens; That Was Close negates the Injury Point damage.

When deeds of true heroism are called for and nothing short of a cinematic performance will do, it is time to draw upon Hero Tokens. What are Hero Tokens? Well in short, they are acquired points that your PCs can spend for a variety of purposes to gain abilities that affect game play.

Hero Tokens are a system of rechargeable ‘points’, represented by doubloon tokens drawn by the players from a pouch, each session. Every character receives three (3) Hero tokens per gaming session. These recharge at the beginning of each session. At the end of the session, unused tokens are lost. There are ways of earning extra tokens, which apply only to the following session. This is the only way a character may have more than 3 tokens in a session. Like regular tokens, the bonus tokens are lost if not used during the session, and the following session the total will be reset to 3 tokens.

Hero Tokens are drawn from the Fate Bag, which usually consists of fifty golden, ten red, and five blue tokens, plus any legend or black tokens the group has earned. These are described here.

How do you gain bonus hero tokens? These tokens can be gained by out of game contributions. Anything from creating a background for your character, to writing an adventure log, to other things that the DM deems worthy of a token. Most efforts will earn you 1 Hero Token, but it’s up to the DMs discretion to award more tokens for exemplary work. Read on for more details on earning tokens.

Furthermore, on rare occasions, the bonus reward may be granted for a number of gaming sessions, rather than just the next session. In such a case, the character is granted the bonus tokens for that many sessions. The most common example is a raised maximum to 4 tokens for two sessions. The DM will keep track of all bonus tokens.

Occasionally Villains may have tokens as well, but this is rare. Villain’s tokens may be spent for slightly different uses than those of heroic characters. Villains usually do not benefit when characters use tokens (except when a red token is spent for its special abilities). Neither villains nor heroes may counter or negate the other from using tokens.

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Hero Tokens

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