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Please forgive the lack of content here. There are snippets of history here and there in my DM notes, but compiling them all is a daunting task. There are a few major Hisorical elements that are notable, and I will outline them here for the time being.

The Ancient Epoch

This is a time of legend, set long, long ago in this world’s history. It has been interpreted differently by the societies spread across the world. In the Free Kingdoms, it has been taught that this epoch was the time when the Shee wandered the earth, building great civilizations.

The Birth of the First Race, the Div

The fruit burst open at his touch, and from it came the div [precursors to Genies], the first race of the world, weaker than the gods but more plentiful, for there were thousands of tiny div. Their blood was fire and they did not age or grow ill. They ran all over Kador and he shook them off, scattering them across the world and forming three great tribes of div: the Marid, the Shaitan, and the Shee. It is thought by some that some of the Shee were responsible for the great civilizations long forgotten, that some mortals have named the Azlanti.

It is also taught that the disappearance of this great civilization coincides with the gods recalling them back to the heavens.

Rebellion of the Div

Before long, the remnants of the Marid and the Shaitan grew restless. The div had been used and abused in every war of the gods and sought now to overthrow them. They rose up, as Kador had foretold they would, and were put down by the celestial host led by Iblis. The gods knew they had to expel the div from the world, for they were cursed by Kador. The Marid were sent to the pillar of water and the Shaitan to the pillar of fire. But the Shee, the silent third race of div, had never partaken in any war. They had remained hidden about the earth (again, rumored to have created the vast ancient Azlanti civilization); yet Kador had cursed them too.

Following this great ancient time were a series of dark ages, of which little documentation has been recovered. It is during these great ages that the mortal races were said to have been born, and spread across the lands. Again, in the religious dogma of the Free Kingdoms and other places that worship the Lords of Heaven account for these ages in their religious texts, including an account of the Origins of the The World and the Lords of Light, from which the above text has been quoted.

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