Holy Orders of The Great Church

There are three other holy orders in the Great Church, though the churchguard and friars are generally NPC orders.

Church guard badge The Churchguard are charged with protecting and serving the clergy and the churches themselves. They are usually fighters or warriors who are devout members of the Great Church. They don’t adventure, since their duties keep them bound to their churches. The churchguard wear uniforms of red with tabards bearing the Tree and the Five Fruits protected by a silver sword on their chests.
Paladins The Paladins are the warriors of the Great Church. THey are not the enforcers of the church, but instead are great heroes, wandering the land fighting evil and depravity in all its forms. They quest the world, righting wrongs, using the church as a base of operations. Paladins are not required to wear holy symbols, although many do, as either a pin attached to their armor, or bearing it on their breasts, whether engraved into their armor, or embroidered on the tabbard. The icon depicts the great tree with steel leaves surrounding it.
Priests badge The PriestsTBA. The uniform of the priests are a tabard or cloak of green bearing the Tree and the Five Fruits, either on chest, or back, or both.
Friars badge The Friars are a contemplative order made up of those who want to walk away from their lives and think on the teachings of the gods. Friars have no possessions and simply wander the land, taking what people offer them. They are fed by the Great Church and given shelter there, participating in holy services, but often they make pilgrimages into distant lands. Much of the spreading of the faith is done by friars. Many members of this order serve for only a few years and then go back to their prior professions. Some friars are actually monks, able to fight against evil powers with their fists and their inner strength – but this is quite rare. Friars wear brown habits bearing the Tree and the Five Fruits.

The third major holy order of the Great Church is the deaconry.




Holy Orders of The Great Church

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