Ian's Journal Entry 1

So far, so good. It appears that my recent companions are not the lost cause that I was originally led to believe. Naturally, I will continue to refine my judgment of each as we take to the sea. As I was once told by a rather a rather inebriated, and irrational fellow who claimed to be a bard, “Ne’er faster has a friendship been cast, but when ye and yer mates lose yer grog in the early mornin’ fog.”

Introductions were cut short, and indeed our friendship was cemented before even taking to even a mere adel, as we were attacked by a savage water creature. Inceptor Ignatius, Smriti, and myself dealt with this creature quite effectively, sadly other members of the party took turns being plunged into the water by the vile thing’s fronds. In fact, the water proved to be the most dangerous of enemies, as we almost lost Iz’Alma to drowning several minutes after the creature had been dealt with. I’m sad to say that our aquatic rescue skills need some work.

There was a minor diplomatic… issue created by this ruckus, although nothing on the magnitude of the Tricalista incident – from what I was made to understand of it before leaving. Fortunately, my Latalian smoothed over any feathers ruffled by the late-night ruckus. The authorities seemed grateful that we had dispatched with the canal menace, and aided us with securing an adeloier, which was no simple feat at such pre-dawn hours.

Well, I must now prepare for our voyage. I am afraid that I am extremely exhausted, as I’ve not slept since yesterday. And to think, yesterday I was preparing for a new semester at the Academy, and now I’m blasting plants…

Until I have time to reflect on my journeys again…
Ian Bradwarden

Ian’s Journal

Ian's Journal Entry 1

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